Machine Vision Makers

Machine vision solutions developed with Halcon

Halcon as a platform independent library takes a leading position in the world of machine vision industry.

Do you also want to take advantage of the strength of Halcon?
Do you like to implement your next development project in a way to meet quality, time and budget goals?

Machine Vision Makers offers you the most in-depth Halcon competence on the market worldwide. The founders Andreas Heindl and Dr. Stefan Rahmann worked for many years at MVTec to become enthusiastic Halconists. For over 20 years our daily work is about solving challenging and most customer specific applications.

Mainly, we deliver Halcon image processing modules to our customers, who in turn integrate these modules into their application or machine. Alternatively, we develop complete applications including a user-friendly graphical user interface. In the context of embedded vision, we focus on GUIs using web technology. Web based application offer the advantage to run on smart cameras as well as any PC system combined with good connectivity and mobile access.

With our experience we cover all industries, where machine vision is deployed to solve various and innovative quality inspection or automation tasks:
wood, glass, steel, metal, automotive, tire, machinery, semiconductor, electronics, logistics, food, pharma.


Mobility today

The traditional mobility of people and goods affects our environment. In the near future cars and trucks will still be powered by combustion engines. Hence, engineers are working on improvements to minimize the emission. Machine vision helps to achieve these goals. Machine Vision Makers was and is involved in various projects in this field. We conceive and implement HALCON software modules for the development and quality control of engine components. So, if in the near future you are buying a new car it is quite likely that in this car components will do their job which are proven by our software during production. We wish you a save and as ecological as possible trip.